John Randall

Art was the only thing I excelled in at school (that, and daydreaming). After high school, I studied at Dowling College, NY and SUNY at New Paltz. Although I never acquired an art degree, I always kept up my passion for creating by reading art books, visiting galleries, studying art videos, and most importantly, every moment I could, I painted.

Eventually, I ended up in New Hampshire, where I met and fell in love with the most wonderful woman and creative spirit I’ve ever had the good grace to know. Elaine, (who is a gifted potter) has been the guiding force in my life. She’s my best friend, and most constructive critic. Elaine always indicates if I’m going off track with a painting, or may say, “Leave it alone; it’s great!”, before I begin to overwork or possibly ruin many months’ effort (which happens).

Fortunately, I’ve been able to attend some incredible art workshops which have helped enhance my skills. I’ve studied with Lois Woolley (portraitist and teacher), Hongian Zhang (gifted artist and amazing individual – many thanks), Betsy Apgar Smith (her portraits of emigrant farmers are beautiful). Although I enjoy painting many subjects, nature is my true inspiration. Nothing gives me more joy than seeing the morning light illuminating the landscape, and the flora and fauna that dwell there, wondering if I can even begin to do it justice with canvas and paint. The mediums I work in are oil and acrylic paint, pencil, and for the past few years, clay (sculpting wildlife on some of Elaine’s vessels.)

Elaine Randall

My formal education was in medicine, not art. I was a Registered Nurse for almost 35 years. But along my journey caring for others, I grew to need creative ways to express my love of animals, plants and cooking. I studied clay in several studios, and from the moment my hands encircled the first ball of creamy, cool, stoneware clay, I knew pottery was meant for me! I love the challenge of making vessels on my pottery wheel. All kinds, but especially with lids. The idea of holding something for safe keeping fills my head with ideas, connecting me with the clay.

Walking Crow Clay is a team of two. Along with my best friend, John, (who just happens to be my husband), I create pottery that is conjured from my heart. I am the visionary and turner of the clay; John is the sculptor. We spend a lot of time walking with our dog in the beauty of Tahoe, imagining our next art collaboration, hoping the vessels we fire in our kiln will bring joy to others.